Prisoner Testimonies

As soon as, “The Captivity Series: the Key to Your Expected End” began circulating in the prison system, Expected End Ministries received numerous letters, postcards, and phone calls from inmates that had been touched and transformed by God through this study. If you would be willing to support EEM as we continue to minister to those behind the walls, you can donate here.

Here are only a few of the thousands of testimonies we have received:

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Captivity Series

The ultimate goal of "The Captivity Series" is to teach every prisoner how to take possession of their God created purpose through the vehicle of their captivity.

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"From the first page to the very last I truly felt the Holy Spirit."

Patricia Magallanes - Federal Prison Camp, Texas


Donna D. Blankenship

"Read this book, it will change your life!"

Donna D. Blankenship - North Carolina Correctional Institute


Nicole Floyd

"Thank you for showing me how to live in captivity and move into my expected end."

Nicole Floyd - Bryan, Texas


Chris Werner

"I have never read the bible but I did read your book...and I loved it. Would you send me a bible? I would like to have one so I can start reading it."

Christopher Werner - Arizona State Prison Complex

Share your prisoner testimony with us


“ The Key To Your Expected End” truly has touched my heart, it has given me hope and inspiration and so many things to look forward to.” B.H. Missouri


“ Thank you Katie for listening to God and sharing your purpose with us. My eyes were so opened to my captivity and how I needed to pray for our administration, staff and those holding me captive. God has done things to show me how those prayers work!”  J.H. Missouri  


“ I am writing you this letter to tell you thank you and God bless you. You have given me hope! I have always had a strong faith in God and I knew God had an expected end for me. I pray that one day I can bless as many people as you have.”  R.M. North Carolina


“ I have been spoken to by God and actually know it’s Him. I never had that before in my life. If it wasn’t for this book I wouldn’t  have opened my eyes to God. It’s like your book is speaking out to me personally.” L.H. Texas


“ Reading your book “The Key To Your Expected End” had impacted my life so much that I couldn’t put it down!”  A.M. Seattle

Katie's new book, Soul Decrees, is written to help you live the abundant life God desires for you.

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