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We love hearing your healing testimonies and experiences. If you have been touched by God through one of our conferences, TV Broadcasts or teachings, please let us and the whole world know! By submitting  your testimonies, you are giving us permission to publish them to our website or print in one of our newsletters. When you share the reality of God's power - you raise other's faith to receive their miracle!  You may write your testimony at the bottom of page:

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“Katie, I have been a follower now for awhile. I started writing you when your book " The Key To Your Expected End" touched me in jail. I have followed you since my release and continue to tithe to your ministry. You are TRULY anointed and touched and you have changed my life!! I recently got your 2 disc set of "Soul Crossing Taking Your Promised Land" and I have been listening constantly and in my Bible and praying every day. Today I decided after listening to log onto your website where a video popped up, testimonies of individuals who've received healing. At the end was the prayer you prayed, and I did it with you. I felt this warmth come over me praying this prayer and when I moved around a little bit I noticed I could move my shoulders and arms around!!! I was in a very abusive relationship years ago where my shoulders had been dislocated and I was unable to bring my arms up next to my head or move them certain ways without pain or chance of them feeling like they would pop out of socket. I am telling you right now, that THROUGH YOUR PRAYER AND THE DUNAMIS POWER JESUS HEALED ME AND MY SOUL!! I went into TEARS as soon as I was done!!! I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing; you are truly an inspiration to someone like me who lives such a similar lifestyle to you!! I cannot thank you enough for all you do, MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CHANGING LIVES!! “

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“I’ve suffered from a skin condition for 6 years and God healed me. Praise Him and thank Him for his amazing power.” C.S.

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“Dear Katie, after many weeks of suffering from a skin infection, I "happened" to put on your online program where you spoke about bitterness and also skin diseases. I prayed the prayer of confession and the decreeing of a release of dunamis power into my soul. A couple of hours later I went to my fourth doctor appointment and he said he believed I was over the staph infection and that the remaining red, itchy areas were due to a reaction to the antibiotic. I stopped all further applications of the ointment. Within hours my skin cleared up and I began to feel like a new person. The doctor called me yesterday to say the lab report cleared me of the superbug that had caused the infection. The doctor thinks his antibiotic did the trick, but I believe it was also the Lord healing me through your teaching and through the power of Holy Spirit. I am SO thankful! Before, I was so depressed from the horrible effects that I was thinking I would rather die than go on living that way. The Lord has given me a new life and I am grateful to Him, to you, and also to the doctor who helped me. (I just sent a gift because I want to sow into your wonderful healing ministry. Thank you so much Katie! God bless you!” J.B.

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Hey sister Katie just wanted  you to know, during the WOMEN ON THE FRONTLINES conference in LA, you called out healing for a broken ankle with a bone chip. I stood up and screamed cause I had just asked God for that to come up! You looked at me, pointed and said, "That lady right there, you're healed!" So I am letting you know that in fact I am healed! Praise God! I am able to do things I havent done in almost a year!!! WooHoo!!!! Sarah

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 “Hi, my name is Jeremy. I saw Katie's show on TBN. During it as she taught on soul wounds created through bitter words and slander and their physical effects on the body, I could literally feel the wounds down in me as I was speaking, not only the ones I had created through slandering others, but also from all the slander and evil speaking towards me from others. I knew that I needed to get rid of the rottenness I could feel in my heart and soul, but I didn't know how to. This morning, God told me He was healing me today...I said, "Yes Lord," even though I didn't feel anything, and honestly I didn't really understand what he was saying. Within 10 minutes Katie's show was on TV (I had the TV on TBN)... as she taught I could feel the anointing come on me so strong...I immediately was moved by God to start confessing my sins of slander against my parents and my brother...and as I did I felt a deep healing take place in my soul. The Lord also healed a deep place in my soul in which I had suffered much betrayal and abuse within the last couple of years. I feel happier than I have in a long time...since I first got attacked so much starting about 4 years ago. Also when Katie was speaking about rejection, I felt a hot warm hand down in my heart and all I can say is that I really, really needed that! I thank God so much for Katie and allowing the Lord to beautify her soul and teach me how to get healing down in my soul too! I honestly feel 1000 times better! I say this not to slander anyone, but after so many people even my parents and my closest siblings have mistreated me so much for so long and rejected me so much, I truly thank God for Katie because her testimony and humility touched my heart in a real way and I feel so, so much happier and glad about life!” Jeremy

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