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We love hearing your healing testimonies and experiences. If you have been touched by God through one of our conferences, TV Broadcasts or teachings, please let us and the whole world know! By submitting  your testimonies, you are giving us permission to publish them to our website or print in one of our newsletters. When you share the reality of God's power - you raise other's faith to receive their miracle!  You may write your testimony at the bottom of page:

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“Your book has literally inspired, confirmed, and challenged me to allow God to change my life more than any other book I’ve ever read! “ C.H. Michigan  

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“This book “The Key To Your Expected End” has left me speechless! It’s such a powerful book!” H.G. Texas

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 "Your book is amazing and is creating a HUGE spiritual stir for the Lord here. Thank you so much for giving this book to us inmates!"

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  I would like to share my testimony also, as to what Expected End Ministries has meant to me.  I knew the Lord for 36 years.  I came to the Lord from a background of childhood physical, verbal & emotional abuse.  Into my second marriage with twin little boys.  I was saved but confused, bound, angry, frustrated and not being able to grow the way I thought I should nor could I fit in anywhere & I was continually disappointed in myself because no matter how hard I tried I just wasn't growing the way I thought I should.   Then one day my husband & I saw Katie on Sid Roth.  We were so blessed.  We sent for the CD's & started studying.  I flew to Connecticut on Oct. last year for Katie's conference & our lives have not been the same since.  I learned how my soul wounds needed to be healed.  We both learned that we have been treating each other, our children & everyone else from the bitterness of our hearts. We have learned to fight the kings from the top down, to fight from above the second heaven.  We have had dreams, visions, angelic visitations in the past couple of years like we never had in thirty some odd years before.  There is more love & comprehension in our home & family than ever before.  We are making it a point to stay un-offended.  We are still learning, & sharing.  Our daughter Rebecca attended Katie's conference in Minneapolis recently and is studying the material.  I have never been a partner this way with any ministry except one more ministry that blesses Israel & the Jewish people.  I  thank God for opening this door for us.   I thank God for Katie, Robert and each & every member of the ministry.  This is primarily a prison ministry.  Well I was in prison for almost a lifetime & it pleased the Lord to use this ministry to hand me keys to help me get out.  I praise His Holy name continually & I know that even the situation we are going through with our son in another country that is under attack right now is more bearable for me because I am not a nervous wreck, but I know how to intercede & use the tools Katie has taught me to fight.  The King of Kings & Lord of Lords has all things in the palm of His Hands.  He is coming soon & we are here to usher in His kingdom.  Continued blessings, strength & a growth to Katie, Robert, each staff member, partner, everyone involved.  Give us the nations Lord & the glory will always be yours Father.              A.

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  J.F. After fighting the demonic for a very long time in the emotional and in the physical, I finally have the Victory. On July 7, 2011 once I received Katie’s teaching in the mail, I went in my bedroom and I took My Authority and fought the demonic king that had been tormenting me for years…And within 10 minutes of fighting him….I Won!!! I saw it leave my body and my room. Praise God!!

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