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We love hearing your healing testimonies and experiences. If you have been touched by God through one of our conferences, TV Broadcasts or teachings, please let us and the whole world know! By submitting  your testimonies, you are giving us permission to publish them to our website or print in one of our newsletters. When you share the reality of God's power - you raise other's faith to receive their miracle!  You may write your testimony at the bottom of page:

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“Katie, I have been a follower now for awhile. I started writing you when your book "The Key To Your Expected End" touched me in jail. I have followed you since my release and continue to tithe to your ministry. You are TRULY anointed and touched and you have changed my life!! I recently got your 2 disc set of "Soul Crossing Taking Your Promised Land" and I have been listening constantly and in my Bible and praying every day. Today I decided after listening to log onto your website where a video popped up, testimonies of individuals who've received healing. At the end was the prayer you prayed, and I did it with you. I felt this warmth come over me praying this prayer and when I moved around a little bit I noticed I could move my shoulders and arms around!!! I was in a very abusive relationship years ago where my shoulders had been dislocated and I was unable to bring my arms up next to my head or move them certain ways without pain or chance of them feeling like they would pop out of socket. I am telling you right now, that THROUGH YOUR PRAYER AND THE DUNAMIS POWER JESUS HEALED ME AND MY SOUL!! I went into TEARS as soon as I was done!!! I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing; you are truly an inspiration to someone like me who lives such a similar lifestyle to you!! I cannot thank you enough for all you do, MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CHANGING LIVES!!” J.D. 

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 : Hello I started watching your ministry in April ...in April I was hit with extreme lower back spine and hip pain ...I watch every tv show made my confession I am excellent of soul & confessions after Katie sent in prayer request I did daily communion and just believed and knew I was going to be made whole and Thank God I Am Healed Thank you Jesus and ur awesome ministry! T.S.

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 “ Hi Katie! I just wanted to tell you what an absolute impact you’ve had on me and my friends lives! Four friends and I meet every week to seek the Lord and bask in His presence. The Lord spoke to one of my friends and word “Healing school” about 6-7 years ago. It wasn’t until your teachings crossed our path that we knew what He meant. We’ve listened and applied your “Healing School” teachings to our lives and have never been the same!!! Sometimes we’ve seen radical change and sometimes we’ve had to really contend for our breakthrough. As we’ve applied the teachings, we’d find ourselves changing more and more to the image of Christ and receiving freedom that we’ve never had before!!! We continue to use it every time things arise. I also want to tell you my personal testimony on weight loss. I’ve struggled with my weight for my entire teenage-adult life. My sister was murdered when I was 13 and from that moment on, I began to eat because of the trauma and grief that I was going through. My family wasn’t saved so we didn’t really deal with it in any way. So as an adult seeking freedom from addiction to food and from the trauma, I felt hopeless. I didn’t think I could get free from this. Well, one of my friends had your teaching “Soul Food”. So as I was crying out to the Lord about the overwhelming cravings and being overweight, I started thinking that I needed to listen to the CD’s. So that’s exactly what I did!!! As I listened, I could totally relate to everything you said!!! It all just made sense!!!  As I prayed with you the prayer of repentance. The Lord took me back to my 13 year old self and I was able to repent for the choices that I made to eat my life away. From that moment on, I have not been the same!!!  There was never a day that I can remember that I could make a choice to not eat a certain food. I had NO discipline whatsoever! It was like the feed called me from the kitchen. Now, I can actually say no to my favorite fudgy chocolate cake. That’s a huge miracle!!! Anyway, since then (August) I’ve been able to lose 35 lbs!! I was hoping for supernatural OVERNIGHT weight loss but it didn’t happen that way for me. But, losing 35 lbs is still a miracle for me!! I still struggle from time to time but I apply what you’ve taught me about rebuking lust, and it has to leave! Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord and sharing with us what He’s taught you!” T.M.

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I wanted to give you a testimony. I was channel surfing and saw your program. The Holy Spirit told me to listen and then go to your web page. I was told to purchase your teaching on Soul Food and staying unoffendable. I was healed of Temporomandibular joint dysfunction Thank you.

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“I have listened to the three sessions on "Healing the Void of your soul". I was convicted and repented of many things while listening to these teachings. I have also prayed through Ps 24:7 teachings and asked that all of body gates and spiritual gates to be opened and for the King of glory to come in. I have had such a victory in the areas of food addiction and control. I continue to believe for a total and complete healing”. M.H.

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