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Healing Testimonies

We love hearing about your healing testimonies and experiences. If you have been touched by God through one of our conferences or teachings, please let us and the whole world know.  Please understand that by sending us your testimonies, you are giving us permission to publish it to our website or print in one of our newsletters.  Please write your testimony at bottom of page:  


  I would like to share my testimony also, as to what Expected End Ministries has meant to me.  I knew the Lord for 36 years.  I came to the Lord from a background of childhood physical, verbal & emotional abuse.  Into my second marriage with twin little boys.  I was saved but confused, bound, angry, frustrated and not being able to grow the way I thought I should nor could I fit in anywhere & I was continually disappointed in myself because no matter how hard I tried I just wasn't growing the way I thought I should. 

 Then one day my husband & I saw Katie on Sid Roth.  We were so blessed.  We sent for the CD's & started studying.  I flew to Connecticut on Oct. last year for Katie's conference & our lives have not been the same since.  I learned how my soul wounds needed to be healed.  We both learned that we have been treating each other, our children & everyone else from the bitterness of our hearts. We have learned to fight the kings from the top down, to fight from above the second heaven.  We have had dreams, visions, angelic visitations in the past couple of years like we never had in thirty some odd years before.  There is more love & comprehension in our home & family than ever before.  We are making it a point to stay un-offended.  We are still learning, & sharing.  Our daughter Rebecca attended Katie's conference in Minneapolis recently and is studying the material.  I have never been a partner this way with any ministry except one more ministry that blesses Israel & the Jewish people.  I  thank God for opening this door for us. 

 I thank God for Katie, Robert and each & every member of the ministry.  This is primarily a prison ministry.  Well I was in prison for almost a lifetime & it pleased the Lord to use this ministry to hand me keys to help me get out.  I praise His Holy name continually & I know that even the situation we are going through with our son in another country that is under attack right now is more bearable for me because I am not a nervous wreck, but I know how to intercede & use the tools Katie has taught me to fight.  The King of Kings & Lord of Lords has all things in the palm of His Hands.  He is coming soon & we are here to usher in His kingdom.  Continued blessings, strength & a growth to Katie, Robert, each staff member, partner, everyone involved.  Give us the nations Lord & the glory will always be yours Father.            




After fighting the demonic for a very long time in the emotional and in the physical, I finally have the Victory. On July 7, 2011 once I received Katie’s teaching in the mail, I went in my bedroom and I took My Authority and fought the demonic king that had been tormenting me for years…And within 10 minutes of fighting him….I Won!!! I saw it leave my body and my room. Praise God!!

D.S.-April 10, 2012


This is so Great!!!! I went to a Women’s Retreat and Katie taught on giving and the scripture Jer. 1:11 and even though I did not have much cash on me…God told me to give it all…So I did. The next day I received a call from my husband saying that the police found our $40,000.00 piece of escavating equipment that had been stolen a few weeks earlier and it came back with barely any scratches on it.

J.F-September 22, 2012


On Easter of last year, my eye site was completely healed and I Thank God for his healing miracles. I am 63 yrs.  old and last year on Easter while I was sitting in church I was struck with a ball of light and heat in the middle of my forehead  and even though it was painful, I knew that God was doing something miraculous in me..I took my glasses off and could see 100% clearly. Thank you Jesus for your Miracle Working Power!


February 9, 2011 at 5:05 pm

I saw you on Sid Roth last Monday and just knew it was time to order your Cd set. On past shows of you I longed for the Glory Light and wanted it so bad. You dont have to be in prison to “feel” like you are a prisoner of demoic attacks. I have been born again since 1986 and still it does not free you from demonic attacks… I wanted MORE. I await your cd set and already I feel blessed with new hope of a better life ahead for me. Thank you for being obedient to Gods words dear Katie. Withi love, Denise

Lady R

February 13, 2011 at 8:22 am

I was very Blessed by the ministry when Mrs. Katie Souza and her team in Muncie, Indiana. It was very enlightening. May God Bless you and your team.

Tammy L

February 15, 2011 at 2:47 pm

I watched you a few weeks ago on Sid Roth. I was touched and knew I was to order your teaching. Today I finished all your teaching and I feel so different. I believe curses were lifted from me and evil in my mind. I felt a coolness as I was worshipping along with your cd’s and I was weeping. I just gave to your ministry and I am going to do some other tithing this week also that needs to be done. I’m still praying for the amounts to give. I know God is telling me to give I don’t know the amounts. I know I can’t be afraid. I lost my job 2 years ago and I am on a breakthru for a job right now. Katie, Thank you for doing God’s work! Please pray I am following God’s will always. Just as Jacob wrestled with angles; I will also to stay in God’s will. I am hanging on to Jesus for my life and never letting go of my God!!!


February 18, 2011 at 12:53 pm

I started listening to your cd set The Healing School on Friday and it is now Thurs. I noticed cd 5 was missing… and now I know why, satan did not want me to get the demonic Kings out of me. Well now that I recd cd 5 today i listened to it and just know my life will change. As i write this I am repeating cd 6 again. Every night now I repent of my sins and apply the blood to them. I also ask for the glory light to fill my soul. I ask this for all my family and friends too. I am also doing the Jesus 5 mo. fast. I post verses about Jesus on FB and now I find books on Jesus in my drawers that I had but hadnt read. I sent a leaflet to the poor on Jesus. I hope to receive more of Jesus and the glory light more and more each day in myself and others. Thank you for planting the seed. I thank you so very much for all you do to help us. Bless you.


February 18, 2011 at 11:12 pm

I watched you on Sid Roth today. I did not catch the whole program but prayed for the glory light of Christ. Tonight I ordered a cd set and can’t wait to get into the teaching. I am writing because two of today’s prayers were answered and I want to give praise to our Lord Jesus Christ right now. I have been in such a dry place lately, even though we just completed a three week mission trip. I’ve really wanted a touch from the Lord. Today, after praying with you during the program, I have been encouraged. My husband came home from work with at least some possibility of potential sales and one of my children just experienced a real touch of heaven. Thank you Jesus!

Sharon H

February 25, 2011 at 12:53 pm

GOD Bless you Katie & your ministry! I have been listening to your teachings & feel led to pursue the LORDs’ call on my life because of a renewed hope thanks to what I have learned from you. I have been crying out to Him to reveal to me what is blocking my breakthrough to success in several areas of my life & when I saw you on Sid Roth I knew GOD was answering my prayer. I will be at your Glory Light of Jesus Conference 4/1/11 & I look forward to meeting you & receiving a blessing in ABUNDANCE! Amen

Greg & Cathy L

February 28, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Thank you , Katie and all of your team for all you do and especially you , Katie for the way you allow GOD to work through you in your ministry , my husband and I have been to two of your conferences and my husband was terminal with abdominal catastrophe since 2006 but at Port Huron, MI , the LORD took off the DEATH SPIRIT off of Greg and you had called it off right before Greg saw it come off him and leave out the door , PRAISE THE LORD . I had RSD in both legs and the pain left also at that conference and when I went up to give my testimony you stated the LORD was going to melt my rod and screws in my leg and you gave second confirmation that the LORD was going to use us mightily in a ministry and you I felt rain on me and the wind and the fire of GOD all over me as I went down in the SPIRIT. Then at the second conference we went to see you and my husband once again had another healing , he had PORTAL HYPERTENSION and you called off that someone was getting healed of alot of abdominal swelling and feet and my husbands shoes were falliing off of him he lost so much swelling and his stomach swelling went down even before the camera , PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER , LORD OF LORDS , KING OF KINGS , WE ADORE YOU AND WE LIVE EVERYDAY TO CARRY MORE OF YOUR PRESENCE . I also lost that rod the LORD promised to remove , THANK YOU , JESUS and the more I soak in the GLORY LIGHT OF JESUS the more I have dreams and visions , very vivid visions and dreams and my soul is getting clean and at MUNCIE , In , when we were soaking in the GLORY LIGHT at the conference , the LORD showed me the words in big blocked letters ,WITCHCRAFT , so I soaked witchcraft in the light and by the time we were done the LORD showed me at least fifty window panes with light beaming through them showing me that the WITCHCRAFT SPIRIT is gone , THANK YOU , MY LORD JESUS , LORD OF MY LIFE AND THANKX TO YOU KATIE AND YOUR TEAM FOR A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH IN OUR LIVES , WE HAVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU CARRY ON YOUR WEBSITE AND WE STUDY IT EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST SIX MONTHS OR EVEN MORE AND WE CONTINUE TO DO IT , I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE TO GET ALL THE DVD S AND CD S THAT KATIE CARRIES BECAUSE IT HAS CHANGED MY AND MY HUSBANDS LIFE FOREVER , JESUS SAYS,,,,,, DRAW NIGH TO ME AND I WILL DRAW NIGH TO YOU , ,,, IT IS SO VERY TRUE , AND I LOVE THE SOAKING CD OF BERNADETTE ALVARADO , I USE THAT DAILY TO SOAK MY SOUL AND IT WORKS , I PUT IT IN MY DVD PLAYER OF REPEAT ALL NIGHT LONG , YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND SO GLAD YOU ARE COMING AGAIN TO OHIO AND INDIANA , WILL C U THERE , GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU GROW GROW , GROW

Kevin K Sr.

March 4, 2011 at 6:58 pm

I was invited to come to hear you share about generational curses and because of the pain in my back I chose to stay home where I felt more able to comfort the pain. After reading some of the testimonies I feel like I could have missed out on something very special. My back problems run in the family and I have been dealing with these back problems for 20 years plus. I need to get your cds and learn more about these curses and soaking myself in the light and glory of Christ. Thank you for your dedicated love for Jesus to study and reveal His truths.

Mindy R

March 10, 2011 at 7:53 pm

I praise God for you and your ministry. At tour conference in Muncie, Indiana you called out an old wound from a first boyfriend (first love) when you were 17 years old. I knew it was for me because I couldn’t figure out why I started thinking about him after 30 years. I thought we were going to get married and he went into the service and never wrote or called. I didn’t realize the abandonment wound had affected every relationship I had after that. I would hold tight to men emotionally and they would run away, the one thing I didn’t want to happen, did. You healed me of that wound and I am finally free.

You also imparted some of your healing gifts on me and I’ve seen several miraculous physical healings.

I truly appreciate your love of God. I am a partner and I plan to come and see your new facility this fall.

May God increase your territory and give you every provision to meet the windfall that is coming for you, Katie.


My Financial Breakthrough

As most people today, money has been tight for quite a while. I decided to skip a month on a few bills because honestly, they were already behind and it seemed like the more I paid the more they got behind. I decided to sow a seed of $200.00 into expected end ministries, knowing it was good ground.
Before placing my seed in the mail, I looked to heaven (just as Jesus did when feeding thousands) and thanked God and asked Him to multiply my seed. Placed it in the mail and I went about my business.
Everyday I would water my seed with the Word and of course satan would come and say “You could have paid bills with that money, now look at you, you are in a worst situation”. I would rebuke him and tell him that my God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus, then I told him to get out of here.
One week later I got a deposit in my account for $200.00. I knew that was not my full return, so I continued to confess the word over my seed. About four weeks later, I was in need of some cash and refused to use a credit card so I began to listen to Banking in the Glory for an entire week, everyday almost all day. At the end of the week I heard Holy Spirit say fast. So I fasted (didnt eat breakfast) and before I ate, I took communion.. Everytime the idea would come to use a credit card, I would say I’m not using a credit card, the Lord provides.
So one day while sitting in the doctors office with $25.00 in my checking account (and my co-pay being $20.00) and needing to go to the grocery store, I will be honest I was a little nervous inside but I just knew somehow He would make a way. I began to play out scenarios on how I could ask the medical assistant for some type of arrangement without hurting the return of my seed sown by confessing the wrong thing like I dont have the money right now, or I’m broke. etc.
As I was sitting there for almost an hour, I heard Holy Spirit say check your other account. I did and there was a deposit for $1800.00. My mouth dropped to the ground and all I could say was thank you Jesus. As the day went on I was on cloud nine. It worked. What Katie taught in Banking in the Glory worked. I thought back on the $200.00 deposit and realized that it was a total of $2000.00, a hundred fold returned back to me. Praise God.
I hope this testimony inspires you to trust in Him and never lose hope. Spend time in His word, repenting, forgiving and worshiping and praising Him.
Continue to enjoy the blessings of our Father….I sure am ;)


March 22, 2011 at 11:47 pm

My 39th day of my 40 day fast my mortgage modification was approved..God is good…Payments are lower than my rent from my last apartment…Praise God..more money to sow into good ground

Thomas B

I hope you got my message. May GOD bless you and keep you; may the LORD make his face shine upon you and be graciious to you; may LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace. This is the onlly gift I have left to give. Thank You katie

Derek M

April 5, 2011 at 3:50 am

Katie thank you for sending my autographed copy of Captivity Series. I am on page 8 and already had major breakthrough. Your recount of Israel’s story is spot-on.

Teresa I

April 9, 2011 at 2:07 pm

I was at Katie’s conference in West Chester Ohio on April 1 & 2nd. Katie prayed for me and commanded all fat cells to die and as of today, just seven days later, I have lost 7 pounds!!! Praise God!!! Thank you Katie!


May 3, 2011 at 8:14 pm


It was August or September 1986. My husband and I were in Wisconsin as had work there. At this time we did not have cell phones nor did we have any phone at all. Home was a 8′ By 32′ travel trailer. I did not have a vehicle while my husband was working. I was happy to stay at home with my 2 children. Ringo was 4 turning 5 and my daughter, Rhema was 1 year old.

Each morning I would sneak out of bed early in order to read my bible before everyone else woke up. I would then get coffee and breakfast ready for them. As soon as my husband left I would spend time praying and then with home and children duties and care.

This particular morning as I was about to do my dishes I had a very urgent and alarming sensation in my spirit. I knew that I must stop what I was doing and pray. The children were being good and I went back to the bathroom so that I could focus on prayer, with the lid down on the toilet I sat down, put my head on my lap and cried out to the Lord….What Lord or who do I pray for? I began to pray in The Spirit as I did not know in my mind what to pray. Immediately I saw my step father way down in a stinky, slimy pit, crumpled over almost lifeless. I urgently cried out to the Lord….Lord would you get him out.

It was as though Lea Roy my step dad had no hope, no strength and life itself was fleeing from him. It seemed as though he would drop or fall from this life and be lost forever with no help, lost to hell forever.

OH NO, I cried, OH NO. Then I looked up and on a level plain above me stood The Lord Jesus. I cried out to Him for help. Lord if Lea Roy would look to you, reach out to you, and cry out to you, would you get him out of there? He said with the most loving, longing look in His face, YES a resounding YES!

So I then hollered down to Lea Roy and said, “Lea Roy if you will look to Jesus The Lord and reach out to Him and cry out to Him, He will get you out of there.”

But he could not.

I cried out to the Lord again, “Lord if he could look to you, and cry out to you, would you get him out of there?” Then….I heard again “Yes” a resounding “Yes” with eagerness in His voice.

So I hollered down again to Lea Roy and said if you could just look to the Lord and cry out to Him He will get you out of there. But…he could not.

Urgency and desperation mounted within me. Looking to the Lord again I cried out to Him, “Lord if Lea Roy could just cry out to you would you get him out of there? Jesus again with such loving affirmation and compassion replied again the resounding “Yes.”

So again I hollered down to Lea Roy, “Lea Roy if you could just cry out to the Lord Jesus, He would get you out of there. But he could not.

OH, with the most desperation of all I cried out to the Lord again…Lord if Lea Roy could just look to you and reach out to you and cry out to your from in his heart, would you get him out of there? Yes, He replied with excitement in His compassionate and loving voice, that same resounding yes!

So I hollered down to Lea Roy, “Lea Roy if you could just look to the Lord, reach out to him, and cry out Him from within your heart, He will get you out of there.”

Immediately, I saw the Lord swish down past me and scoop Lea Roy up in His arms, then as they passed by me I saw the sores and dirty slime come off of Lea Roy as he was being cleansed, healed, and restored to life. Jesus carried Lea Roy over to a beautiful, brightly lit, green grassy hill where Jesus then stood Lea Roy on his feet and as He did, Lea Roy’s arm shot up praising and thanking God full of life and health and fully restored.

I praised God intently as I came out of that vision, still in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

It is now 2011 and I am still absorbing what happened that day and the gift of intercession I was given.

I know you are wondering what happened in the natural and spiritual realm of Lea Roy’s life after that experience.

That evening I went to a pay phone and called my mother. She never wants to be negative or worry anyone. She told me things were fine although she was having some difficulties.

It wasn’t until we came back to Kansas that I learned Lea Roy had been poisoned. Someone had attempted to murder Lea Roy and I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to make intercession for him at the exact time he was at the point of dying. He said for some unknown reason he pulled out of it but said he had not yet consciously looked to, reached out to, or cried out to the Lord.

He went through more rebellion, anger and trouble in his life but one day approximately two years later, he went to church and truly surrendered his life to the Lord and I got to actually see his arms shoot up in Praise To The Lord!

Praise God! Prayer is very necessary and does make a difference even though we don’t always see results right away. Sometimes we won’t see, or know the results in this lifetime. We must trust the Holy Spirit and the Lord and rest in the Faith of His Word, always knowing if we will be led by the Holy Spirit and do our part, then The Lord does his part in carrying out His perfect will in every situation.

As Moses instructed the people starting in Numbers 21: 8 and also mentioned in John 3:14, always look to the Lord, intently, expectantly, and with a steady and absorbent gaze and forever crying out to Him with your whole heart as you reach to Him with your whole being, spirit, soul and body.

Janelle H

May 18, 2011 at 2:12 pm

My daughter’s house has been for sale for months. Last week we put her on the EEM prayer team and Monday a.m. she got a phone call from NBC who wants to put her house on national TV the 20th, Friday on “Today” show. We’re expecting full answer from heaven. Thanks be to God and the team!! A thousand times thanks!

Rita D

May 23, 2011 at 10:03 am

Praising the Lord for all He is doing… Supernatural happenings!!! All I can say is thank you… thank you… thank you Dear Lord Jesus. Never heard of you or Expected End Ministeries. so glad I kow of you now…so blessed and helped since hearing what all God is doing… such great testimony and revelations in God. I have been in deep prayer for answers to problems in our household where healing and deliverance needed. A lady shared your Healing school CD’S, the next day a friend posted your thing with Sid Ross on my FB. I checked out your web site, now listening to the teaching about the glory light of Jesus. Receiving healing of wounds in my soul and standing in for our whole family. These teaching play a key part in receiving all the Father has for us. so many needs in our lives. We are His miracle children, so very loved of our Father.
In His light!!!


June 1, 2011 at 8:48 am

I attended Katie’s conference in New Bern NC but could not stay the final night. I just today received an email with a link to the “miracles from the road.” While watching the video one women was giving her testimony about being healed in her liver. She said Katie called it out that night and although the women had been healed of Hep B she had not been healed of the effects/scars on her liver. Listening to the testimony I was a little bummed I was not there when she called out liver. I have been healed of leukemia which does affect the liver and spleen, however my numbers have yet to come down to normal. I said to the Lord, “I may not have been there that night but I take that testimony for livers for myself…” I felt the presence of the Lord come on me with a jolt and just felt him moving. I know whatever damage my liver had was healed!!!!! Thank you for these videos, Jesus keeps His healing power flowing through your work. I also felt the power of Katie’s prayer at the end and say yes and amen to all the healing and deliverance God poured on me.

Marie S

June 5, 2011 at 6:45 pm

I attended Glory to Glory Conference in White Salmon, WA June 3 & 4, 2011. I was seated during worship time in the Sat morning session. I am 59 and had 5 areas of physical problems, so am often in pain. I was feeling no pain, except when checking the most recent injury (little toe) from the week before and, yes, it still hurt. No pain anywhere else AT ALL. Then, a tingling began in my right knee, the most severe injury of all, sustained in a 1997 accident, and continued up my thigh, that had a compound fracture in that accident. I have felt no noticeable change, but I have no doubt that God touched my knee and thigh and that something is happening! I had been told the joint did not heal in proper alignment and there was nothing that could be done. My spirit responded when Katie spoke out that Jesus loves to move bones around! Expecting my full and complete healing! Thank You Jesus! Bless you Katie!


June 7, 2011 at 10:27 am

Thank you Katie for being a blessing. I bought your healing CDs and applied the Glory Light of Jesus. Within three days my throat tumor that I’ve had for four years in gone. I’m in shock right now everytime I look in the mirror. These supernatural tools are such a blessing in the end times. I will never stop applying this tool and teaching it to others. I wish many blessings on you and your ministry. I can’t wait to get your other teachings.

Lots of Love.

Kate M

June 7, 2011 at 1:12 pm

I purchased the Ascending into the Supernatural/Banking on the Glory cd’s and WOW. The first time I tried ascending in to Heaven I had it in mind to ask God for my sister’s healing, and ask Him if there was anything I could do for Him.

Being that I have not heard from Jesus for 2 years, nothing I prayed for seem to come to pass, in fact, I felt like my prayers were being ignored for some reason. But when I asked God what I could do, HE TALKED TO ME! He told me to “minister to her” so I called her right away and prayed over her – she is not Christian (yet). The next day I called her and she was having a really good day. She sounded very happy, and so was I. Her healing will take awhile but I had not heard her so happy for 6 months!

The second time I ascended into Heaven was yesterday. I woke up all weepy and distrought because I felt something blocking my joy and I felt I was not reaching God. I was a little miffed at Him at first but this passed. I also have a marijuana issue that’s been bugging at me (almost have it licked) so I thought maybe God was not answering me or helping me crush my addiction because I was in disobedience to Him. I thought about and thought about and it suddenly dawned me that I very well might have a demon king in me that I needed to get rid of (king of Babylon and the evil one). I ascended into Heaven after much prayer, thanksgiving, and praise I asked God to open the Heavens for me. I asked permission from Jesus to ascend. My mission was to drive this demon away with the help of the heavenlies.

When I went to do this I was angry to think their might be a demon in me! Not good! So I was prepared to do battle with this king and the evil one by declaring Jesus’s presence and His blood to be all over the room. I called upon this king to show himself to me. Well, he didn’t do that, but I felt that king’s presence in the room with me so I began speaking to this king in a very cruel, angry voice telling him to “GET OUT!” Get out of my body,my mind, my soul NOW in the name of Jesus. I decreed this about 3 times very loudly. I waited in prayer to see if I felt anything. I didn’t so I then told the evil one to take a hike, too.

Guess what the results were? Well I asked God if I could bring anything back down to earth with me and He gave me a vision (He hadn’t done that for a very long time either). He let me see Him, so illuminating with silver hair, a white gown, a scepter and a ruby ring on His finger as he sat on His thrown. I was floored and so happy. When I came out of the Holy Spirit’s trance I felt a tremendous feeling of defeat. The knot in my stomach went away, the fear in my head went away and relief and exhaustion settled in. This morning I woke up and all my stomach ailments vanished plus I have no temptation to smoke marijuana at all. In fact it is basically out of my mind this morning. Praise God! I felt the joy of God’s presence for the first time in a long time. I do believe this demon king is gone. No heartburn, no upset stomach, the feeling like something was sitting in my chest area all disappeared! Today has been a great day and I feel God’s presence! I believe that king had been in me for a long time,causing me to smoke and blocking my relationship with God.

I was curious about one thing. When in Heaven, in the vision of Himself that God gave me, the first thing I noticed was the wooden scepter He held in his hand. Because it struck me so, I wondered if there was any symbolism involved here. Not sure how to find that out, but the scepter has been in my mind a lot.

Katie, you are such a blessed person with lots of gifts from Jesus. Thank you so much for your teachings and courage to actually delve into the spiritual realm for healing, etc. I think you are on to some powerful, powerful “stuff” from the heavenlies. May God bless you more and more each day.

In Jesus’s Name,

Sharon S

June 7, 2011 at 8:47 pm

I have been soaking in the glory light of jesus for about 3 weeks and oh my God the healings I have received are unbelievable. I just received the sons of light teaching. However, I have a question to ask- when would be a good time to start the ascending into the supernatural and banking in the glory series. I’m continuing my soaking cause it works. I have never in my life received such healings. THIS ABSOLUTELY WORKS. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

P.S. my mom is getting healed also. I am over the moon excited about this ministry! My prayer has changed, I am asking the Lord Jesus to lead all his children who are severely wounded in their souls to this teachings of The Glory and Light of Jesus that absolutely heals The Soul!

Finau J

June 16, 2011 at 5:27 pm

I get emails from your ministries every time and sometimes I don’t open them sometimes I do and today I opened it and I went straight to the Miracles from the Road 1. where people are testifying about receiving their miracles and in the end you prayed, and I was just claiming all that you’re giving out..for the past 5 yrs I had been limping because I had a torn Achilles I played tennis one day and that’s how I ruptured it, it is so hard for me to wear high heels and it hurt sometimes I was going to get surgery done but then I decided not to, today I received your word of healing and I felt pain in my archilles and I just said what is that pain,because I was sitting down so I stood up and for the first time after 5 yrs I wasn’t limping anymore and it felt so great to be walking normally again…oh Jesus healed me today, so I came back it is very cold inside my house,but I put my foot up on my chair and touch that ankle it was so warm and the rest of my body is cold…I knew that HE came and healed me..Oh I’m praising HIM right now,Thank you Jesus…and thank you Katie and your ministry

Kate M

June 20, 2011 at 12:37 pm

On June 7th of this year I submitted a testimony about ascending into Heaven and calling upon Jesus’s Glory light to chase a demon of addiction out of me.

For a couple of days after this I felt pretty good, but suddenly got very sick and had scratches coming from inside me all over my body. I knew the spiritual warfare with this demon (king of Babylon who thinks He can rule the body) was not over! The scratches on my body and the life threatening sickness I encountered was evidence enough for me to realize the fact that I did have a demon of addiction in me, still fighting with God and myself. I prepared for more spiritual warfare and asked Jesus to carry me through this battle because I was so sick and was depleated of all energy. Suddenly a beautiful vision of me riding piggy-back on Jesus’s back, walking on a beach filled with beauty. I kept asking God to crush this demon and my addiction over and over as I rode for 45 minutes in an ambulance to the ER. We were traveling during this time and had to go to the ER again right away in our home town.

Long story short, my desire for marijuana and this evil demon are now competely gone. No more illness, the scratches on my body dissapeared, and most importantly I have not touched marijuna for a week (use to smoke every day for 20 years). The temptations are gone, and I have no detox symptoms at all! I have no desire to continue smoking, ruining the Temple of the Spirit given to me by God. I feel free of this captivity once and for all. It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad this spiritual warfare and addiction have left me forever in the name of Jesus. Now I can receive all of God’s blessings and strenghen my faith for more of His Glory Light.

Thank you, Katie, for teaching me about the Glory Light of Jesus and how to use it for these types of healing.

By the way, in my first testimony I mentioned the vision God gave me of Him on his throne, holding a wooden scepter. I mentioned that the scepter struck me, and I thought there might be some symbolism to this beautiful scepter because it kept coming to mind. I looked up the definition of a scepter. Among other definitions (physical definitions) was that a scepter is a sign of authority! I get it! God was reminding me who the boss was and that I had not been following His word!

I could go on and on about this testimony as several miracles took place during this exhausting spiritual warfare for 2 wks, but I am pretty much beyond words to describe them all.

Katie and Robert, thank you for sharing Katie’s revelations from Heaven with the world. I had never heard of the Glory Light of Jesus before, until I started listening to you on the Sid Roth Ministries series.

God Bless You and EEM mightily with all you need according to the riches IN GLORY by Jesus Christ.

Sincerely and greatfully,

Kate Mendenhall

I now feel God starting to manifest in my life again.

Henry M

June 21, 2011 at 8:05 am

Thank you, Katie for blessing and delivering me from having a confined fear from a “Cubical Job” which you heard from the Lord last Sat night in San Fransisco, Promise Land Fellowship.

Before the session, I knew I had a residual wound/fear from my previous boss who confined me in my cubical about 12 years ago. She would not let me leave my cubical during any break time until I would call her and got her approval. Not even the bathroom until I got her approval. Since I was very shy and inexperienced I did exactly what she asked for 9 months. I developed the fear of woman. I forgave her and applied the blood of the Lamb, and Todd Bentley layed hands on me, but still felt the wound…

Before your last session, I told the Lord, that You have to get me out of this past wound that haunted me and hinders my view of normal relationships with my sister and my future wife. Then you mentioned the first deliverance is a “cubical Job”, and then “witchcraft”, I know this is my date of being set free.

Thank you for hearing God and His heart, and helping me to move on. You rock! and He rocks! Praise Him.


July 3, 2011 at 5:50 pm

This is so cool! I had an open eye vision while listening to your dream interpretation series. I was taking in what looked like a white, bed sheet that had knots in it. The sheet was coming from mid-air and there was no resistance or tugging from the other end. It took me about 2 1/2 days of going nuts to figure this vision out. And finally, Aha! ” The Holy Spirit (the white sheet) was taking me up a couple of knots!” So, guess what happened a few day later after my vision : My boss offered to give me a raise….that’s right, she offered! I’m still in amazement. I just wanted to write in, share and thank you for your series. Very, very cool.

Mina M

July 16, 2011 at 11:48 pm

Hi Katie While I´m watching “miracles from the road 2″ Right away I feel the fire inside of me and so warm all over my body. I`m sure Jesus is doing something in my soul, healing my soul. Thank God for you Katie

Kim H

November 21, 2010 at 5:20 pm

My name is Kim Hill, and I am from Trinidad, CO. I am a mother, wife, author and business entrepreneur. I am also just a baby Christian, and was saved when I was 33 years old. I have always felt like God has had great things planned for me, and I have been stifled with soul wounds of past years sins, that have thwarted my full potential. I love the teachings that God has given to Katie Souza, and I know it is just the beginning of supernatural intervention world wide. I too, felt that I should be experiencing greater vision, provision, and healing because of being a child of God, I just did not know how soul wounds affected your life so deeply. I knew that there was something more with Jesus. The soul wounds teaching will change your life, it is revolutionary. I found Katie Souza on the Sid Roth show. I ordered her tapes, and began to listen to them. I listened to them, listened to them again, then again. I took notes, looked up scripture, and began to apply her teachings. There where many small miracles, but here are my TWO major miracles in the first months of the tapes. #1 We own a ranch in Colorado, and we had had no rain. Our cows were running out of water, the ponds were empty, and the grass was brown. We prayed on the ranch and we asked God for the forgiveness of our sins, thanked him for everything He had provided for us already, and then began to spread the blood of Jesus on all the fence posts, encompassing the ranch. We then rebuked any demonic kings in the second heavens that were over our region, and that were responsible for our ranch not getting the provisional rain it so needed, in the name of Jesus. We prayed, and Asked for an Open Heaven over our Ranch, and for Jesus to bring the rain. Over the next month, we received EIGHT INCHES of rain, and it filled all of our ponds. So much so, that my family went swimming in one pond and it was 10-12 feet deep! Amen, Thank you Jesus. #2 Secondly, my husband had lost his job, and was unemployed at the time. We decided to apply the teachings of the Banking in the Glory example of when Jesus took the bread and the fish, held them up to heaven, and gave thanks, and asked God to bless them and multiply them. We got down on our knees, and took our $3000 that we had in savings, in cash, and we once again, held it up to heaven, and asked God to forgive us of our sins, we repented, and also gave Him thanks, for everything He had already provided for us. We asked Him to Bless us and Multiply our savings. The NEXT DAY, we received a phone call from a company that wanted to Lease our mineral rights, and pay us top dollar. We signed a contract to receive $14,000. The contract was signed and sent in………….. miraculously, the next week, the owner of the leasing company called, and said, we feel like you deserve even more( after we had already signed the contract) SO, we received $17,000. WOW!!! Thank you Jesus! #3 Then, Katie came to Denver, CO for the Glory Summit. October 22, 23, 2010. I originally went to get my pituitary tumor completely healed. It had already shrunk to half the size of 1.3mm to .7 mm so far, in a 5 month period of time. Thank you Jesus. After the first night at the workshop, Friday night, I went home, and for the first time a 5:30AM, I received LIGHT with my eyes closed. An extremely BRIGHT white Light. It was amazing. I watched the sunrise that morning and it literally felt like God was present and every second He was lifting up the sun. I went to the Saturday event, and all day my hands were BURNING hot, from the inside. Both hands HOT, HOT, HOT! I asked my daughter and my niece to come to that evening at 7PM. We stayed for the worship and my daughter kept begging me to go up on stage, but I didn’t think my testimonial was strong enough. So it began to get late, and my niece wanted to go, and I thought, Ok, its 10:30Pm , lets go, I feel good. They left in their own car. I went to the bathroom before I left the church. When, I came out of the bathroom, God stopped me dead in my tracks and said, “Where are you going?” You drove all the way to see Katie, you wanted something supernatural to happen to you, get in that line, and get up on that stage! I was obedient, and did what He said. #4 I went on stage and told Katie about my experiences……….the $17,000$, the EIGHT inches of Rain, and also my hands burning. Then Katie prayed for me and God told her that I was going to lay hands on people to be healed, and that I was going to have a ministry, and then she imparted to me everything that had been given to her, and passed it onto me, in the name of Jesus. I felt a tingling all over my body, laid down, giggling, and had a permanent smile on my face, that I could not remove. I was elated! #5 Saturday Night, that same night, I went to bed and I asked God to confirm what Katie had imparted to me. God gave me the most CLEAR amazing DREAM I had ever experienced. Here is the Dream. I am on a MISSION. It was almost military like. I check into my mission as commanding officer as “ Dillinger”, he gives me my Mission. As He hands me my Mission, he changes my name to “Deacon” So I check in as “Dillinger” and I check out as “Deacon”. I remember just accepting this without question or hesitation. I load a jet, and I am the pilot. We get ready to take off and the plane is on top of a very high skyscraper. I remember talking to people that were on the jet with me, and completely letting go of the wheel! The plane takes off and it starts to go STRAIGHT DOWN towards the ground. I think to myself, “we might crash”, but I really was not concerned at all! All of a sudden the jet pulls up miraculously by itself, and starts doing these AMAZING stunts in and out of buildings, over cities, all over the world, and the STUNTS are like BETTER than you see at an air show, they are never been seen stunts, and the jet lands. Then this part repeats itself over and over. The voice in the dream told me the name of the Mission is the Garden of something, and I woke up,………… and my little boy Triston is awake, and I tell him, Triston, I just had the most amazing dream, and before I could tell him my dream, he said, “I did too, Mom………I dreamt about God” :?) But then, it was driving me crazy because I knew the voice had told me about the name of the Garden but I could NOT remember it, and I knew it was very important. So I prayed to God, please put me back to sleep in the same dream, and tell me the name of the Garden, so He did, and revealed the name of the Mission: The Garden of Gethsemane. #6 DREAM INTERPRETATION: Last Miracle so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drive home to Trinidad, CO, and I can’t wait to research, the name of the Mission, ( the Garden of Gethsemane ), the “Dillinger”, and the “Deacon” names, as well as the jet. THIS IS AMAZING! So here it is: “Dillinger” was an outlaw gangster that broke out of jail. ( God broke Katie Souza out of Jail ). Remember I asked God to reveal to me that what Katie Souza imparted to me was true. I wanted confirmation. WOW!! “Deacon” means “servant”, “messenger” and “minister”, that also kicks up dust wherever you go. So I check in on the mission as “ an outlaw gangster that broke out of jail, and get renamed without question, to Deacon, meaning servant, messenger, minister. Then, which was amazing was I looked up the Garden of Gethsemane, which is in scripture, and is the EXACT place where Jesus got arrested the night before the crucifixion! WOW!!! So the God proved that what Katie imparted onto me was TRUE, and it exemplified that the Mission is all about Jesus! Wooo Hoooooo! God is Good isn’t He?! WOW!!, How amazing is this story. It is the most incredible thing so far that has ever happened to me. God has given me a much needed idea about a book that I am currently writing right now, and once it is ready for first draft, Katie Souza is the first one that gets to read it. Thank you Expected End Ministries, Katie and Bernadette, and the staff Katie’s husband, your Mom and her story truly is the seed of God. All the love, strength, and favor! You guys are truly making a difference in the world, and you are just getting started. There is much more to come. Thank you Jesus. God Bless all of you! PS. I used to think God Stuff was for little old ladies, and really boring, and it is the most exciting fulfilling thing I’ve realized yet! Thanks again.

Virginia O

At about 5-6 years old I banged my head real well.  My parents never took me to the doctor. Finally when I was in my fifties the eye doctor diagnosed me with a depth perception problem.  For 2 years I did eye exercises to correct the problem.  What a difference!  After this I got a book with 3-D pictures for eye exercises because I felt I needed to hold my eyes in place.  I felt 80-90% healed. 

Attending Katie’s service in Lake Havasu, when Katie said she would pray for people, the Lord said it is time to pray for my eyes. It had never occurred to me to do that.  Six weeks later I did my eye exercises and I had no watering of the eyes.  At the age of 70, at long last, there is 100% complete healing.  Katie, thanks so much, God is good!

Karen W

October 24, 2010 at 6:03 am

The day after Katie’s meeting I went into church and people kept saying I had a glow around me. I felt nothing, but when we prayed for Steve’s dad, Dea with a bad rotary cuff I was surprised. We anointed and prayed over his arm and I heard a pop. His dad felt something, and then went into the kitchen and came out grinning like a little kid. “Steve, its healed!” he said. Later his girlfriend Eve came in, we prayed for her knee and I felt something moving around and Steve felt heat and she could walk backwards something she could not do before!

After that a week later we went to Friendship group at church, there was a pastor and his right shoulder was hurting for 3 months. We shared about Steve’s dads shoulder and he had us lay hands on him. I anointed him all of a sudden the heat and throbbing was gone!

Next I got a call from my daughter in Prescott, Her pastor’s sister had been sick for 2 years, had every test available and they couldn’t find what was wrong with her. So Steve and I went to visit her. We went into her room and I asked her to put my cd in so we could begin to praise and worship God. It got stuck on one song, ‘Your grace is enough,’ well I felt the anointing and began to pray. We left and she asked about the cd, i gave it to her and told her to put it on and just worship the lord. Steve saw some black silhouettes leave her as we prayed. Once we were done she felt the pain was gone and she felt better!

Sylvia R

Denver, CO October 22-23-, 2010 Katie Souza’s Meeting

I entered the meeting and began to pray to clear out the demonic stuff so the Praise and Worship would begin. Only after 10 minutes I felt the presence of the Lord. There were so many warriors in the meeting I could rest and enjoy. The Glory was there and I had entered the “Glory Spa”. I was sitting on the last row and a woman came up behind me and asked if she could touch me. I said yes. Later I found out that God was heavy on her and she had been fighting Him about coming over to me to pray for me. When she touched me it was like a Glory Spa Treatment. I cried, laughed, etc. She touched my shoulders and the Lord said you are carrying a yoke that is not yours. I thought of all the yokes I could have carried for the last 26 years. The next day the Lord said that I was carrying the yoke of “Should”. What I should do, my to do list, what the church thinks I should do, what neighbors think I should do, what relatives think I should do, what friends think I should do, etc. even strangers. These false accusations spoken, written, assumed, acted on, etc.

Saturday 10-2310:

I saw a snake wrapped around me with its head at my face and it would squeeze me at different times and in different areas of my body. I always wondered why I would finally get rid of one pain the something else would start to hurt. Like the traveling pain. I commanded it to leave and I will watch for it from now on. I went home for break and went back to the meeting and a spirit of self -pity followed me from my neighborhood back to the meeting. I thought no wonder I am so tired I am fighting off the junk in my area all the time. I decided not to go back home at the next break. During the evening meeting I found a friend who helped my pray against the neighborhood stuff and break the power over me. Katie called out Words of knowledge during the meeting and 90% of them I was experiencing in the week before the meeting and the other 10% I had been healed of in the weeks before the meeting. Kate also said that what had happened in the last 2 years at spring would not happen again. In 2009 and 2010 I helped with National Day of Prayer in May. The months before the May event, both times I got very sick for months each time. PTL! No more.

Thank You Katie for coming to Denver


At the conference Katie prayed for healings. I had two loose teeth, and my dentist said to wait till they fall out, there is very little he could do as they both had root canals, then she prayed for healing of teeth and my teeth fastened, they are both solid as a rock, thank you Jesus praise you Lord. Katie is truly a blessing, may His grace shine upon her in Jesus name.


What a blessing to get her cd’s from my sister in law. I never realized how much I had to learn about my spirit and my soul. I had no idea what Katie was talking about with receiving The Glory until I listened to Katie every day on her cd’s on my way to work and coming home.

When Katie describes “The Glory” as tingling on the skin or heat from the sun or liquid fire, she is right on. It took me awhile but just about every morning when I pray and follow Katie’s instructions I often sit in the glory. Not sure what to do next with it but I’m testifying how blessed we are to have Katie tell us the truth and share with us how we can have true glory through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Bless you Katie

Margarita L


Susan B

My daughter had found out she was pregnant and wanted to abort.. and my sister Ruth had just bought your healing school cd’s after seeing you on sid roth.. she said i needed to listen to them 1st and i am so glad because today my daughter and her boyfriend decided she would keep the baby ..my 1st grandchild was not going to be stolen from me.. after listening to them i went into prayer like you teach and He showed me all the kings that had been attached to Dawn and her chilld.. its very long…with 2 dreams…but God is good and thank you for your teaching and I look forward to some new revelations…. Susan


November 6, 2010 at 8:39 am

Now I’m not one to have dreams or even remember my dreams but the first day that I listened toThe Glory Light of Jesus series (which was this past thursday, oh and I received the cd’s in the mail this past wednesday), Katie prayed a prayer for people who dont dream to dream & she prayed a prayer that whatever it was that was blocking us from dreaming be removed. That night I soaked for about 15min or so and with my eyes closed the Lord showed me a picture of a sun and then the sun began to form rainbow beams around it, and it was moving in a circular motion. Now that night i was being attacked by the spirit of fear, so while i was soaking i was quoting over & over “there is no fear in love but perfect love cast out fear”….tho i had the vision, I still was not able to go to sleep that night at all. But early in the morning my mother prayed over me & i asked God for the gift of a sweet sleep and i finally was able to fall asleep. And guess what, I HAD A Dream!!! and i remembered it. It was a dream of me giving my mother a high five and telling her that i felt good and was free pretty much from the evil spirits that were bothering me. And when i woke up i felt completley better!!!! Praise God!!

Tim L

November 7, 2010 at 9:06 am

My wife Laurie and I got a hold of your CD’s and began doing the light thing at the house. She had practiced the sneak attack thing you taught on me and Jesus took it over. I was a total skeptic till we took a Saturday and spent all day soaking up Katies CD’s from 10:00am to 11:00pm. We had gold flakes on our hands in our house… WHOA! Freaked me out! We went to the NC meetings last month after that. We were laying there in front of the stage with a heavy annionting falling all over the place and SUDDENLY a bone broke in my ear…. A loud snap sound. I am a musician and had lost hearing in my right ear. I would visibly turn my head to the right and listen with my left ear if I missed something that was said. Well Katie had given a word of knowledge about a bone in someones ear while this was happening and my hearing is healed. I can hear out of my right just as good if not better than my left!! How bout that! Also our marriage is going thru a huge transformation. I have suffered with rage, hatred, jealousy, pornography, violence just to name a few and Jesus is using Katie’s teaching to bring me out of it and heal me , my wife , our children and set us about doing what Jesus designed our marriage to do. Laurie is in bible school at Narrow Way and Bro Sam Greene and Katie Greene ( Katie ha! ) are walking us thru major transformations… Jesus loves us enough to bring people like Katie Souza thru what she had to walk thru to deliver us and give us HOPE!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus! Thank you katie!!!!!

Pastor Denise

November 7, 2010 at 12:04 pm

The praise reports are pouring in every week here Katie. Our brothers and sisters are saying thank you Jesus, for Katie and your testimony book. Miracles, healings are taking place. They know you are coming to Chula Vista, CA next month. Two of the parolees will be there with me and they are so thrilled they are going. Thank you so very very much for sending in your book to them all. They have passed your name and info on to others to have your book. God Bless you and your team. Love always, your brothers and sisters here at Jesus Prayer Ministry.

Linda H

November 11, 2010 at 12:19 pm

My name is Linda Holt but my family sir name was Tucker, I also have a cat named Dancer.
I came to volunteer at Expected End Ministries and when I arrived the offices were on Tucker St. and we were to park on Dancer St. Another lady and myself volunteered at the same time and we were to have orientation the same day. Both of our last names are HOLT I have decided this is the place I am to be.

Barbara B

November 12, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Listened to all your tapes..we have a healing and restoration ministry. Just returned from India and Israel where I shared things you teach..saw physical healings and people were entering the heavenlies as never before!! Just the beginning for us! We are at MorningStar with Rick Joiner.

Melissa W

November 16, 2010 at 5:29 pm

Ever since I first started listening to the Glory Light CD’s I have been receiving healing from many soul wounds. I have been teaching inner healing all over the world for many years, but nothing like this. Your teachings are so on time. I have been talking about them to everyone. Sometimes I feel like a little girl with excitement about what God is showing me and other times I feel like a giant full of strength ready to move a mountain. Thank you so much and I would love to put together an event with you here in the Bay area….. blessings

Sheila P

November 19, 2010 at 10:13 am

Katie, I watched you on Sid Roth It’s Supernatural and received an impartation when you prayed about the Glory Light and the healing of your soul wounds. I started praising God and he came in and healed me about abuse and things that has happened in my past that I never realized were buried so deep that I truly believed were gone. My greatest desire is for Jesus’ love to flow through me to others and be used of God in a supernatural way. Praise God for people like you who share the truth of God, thanks. Sheila Prince, Arkansas


January 12, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Praise GOD! Thank you Katie for being such a faithful servant and sharing with all of us how to release God’s glorious light onto EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! I purchased your Ultimate CD package and they are so powerful. I have seen such growth in my walk with the Lord. I have soaked others in God’s glory and WOW!! Awesome results! Healing, breaking of pride and harden hearts have been some of GOD’s work in my life and those I love. An example: My son who is a teenager had really harden his heart toward me, closed up and didn’t want to have anything to do with our family, even to the point of suicidal thoughts. We had a HUGE fight. I dropped him off at school and immediately released God’s glory light onto him for about 1/2 hour as I drove to work. I went on with my day and didn’t give it a second thought. After school around 5pm I picked up my son and his friend. He was not only light in spirit, he was loving to me. A complete transformation. He apologized infront of his friend and even gave me a warm hug. WOW, breakthrough! Later he shared with me his unpure thoughts and he confirmed he felt lighter and a shift in his spirit around the time I finished releasing God’s glorious light onto him. Please keep in mind, teenage boys do not hug or apologize to their parents infront of friends. This was huge for us. Another resent breakthrough: A friend who has gout called me last night, I released God’s light and this morning his pain is down 90% after only one day of the gout. He has had gout at least 5 times in his lifetime and never had results like this before. Praise GOD!! He is AWESOME in all His ways! Thank you, thank you my sister in Christ.

Shannon H

February 5, 2011 at 3:31 am

The Lord is so good and so gracious to let me see Katie on Sid Roth today as I was home from work. My husband just ordered the teachings today and we are both so excited to receive this revelation on the Glory Light for healing. Also we are planning to attend the conferencein Phoenix, Az this monthto receive total healing and restoration. Thank you Katie for being an instrument of the Lord’s goodness and for saying yes to Jesus.

Dawn P

February 7, 2011 at 10:48 pm

I went to a conference last month at A Call To Salvation Church in Jefferson, GA. I did not know what to expect. I recieved incredible insight about the soul and the wounds of the soul. I have been asking the Lord for the blue print of the soul. I was in jail ministry for almost 5 years and could see that with generational curses and wounds to the soul a minister needed to be prepared to help one get healing to move on with their lives. I took an Elijah House class and several other tools to prepare to help these wounded ladies. Just by going to Kaite’s conference I recieved truth, refreshing, empowerment and a super natural healing. I use to teach dance until my feet were attached by the enemy. My arches fell, and arthritis set in. My feet would hurt every day. I could not stand on them for long and if I did I would lay awake and my feet would throb with pain. I had not been able to wear high heeled shoes for 5 years. The Lord healed my feet during worship at the conference. ALL the PAIN is gone. I can stand on them all day and even wear high heeled shoes all day long. The Lord healed my soul too. He showed me that I had some resentment in my heart for my husband to which I repented and applied the the Blood of the Cross of Christ, the Glory Light of Jesus, and prayed Holy Spirit to seal what He had done.
Katie is truly a women of God and her doctrine is sound and her heart’s passion is to see the Bride of Christ be healed and walking in the power of God. The true anointing of God is upon her life. Oh ya how could I forget since the conference I have also lost 14 pounds. The idol of food is gone and I have answered my call of destiny on my life. Katie may the Lord bless, protect and strengthen you and your ministry team as you manifest the KINGDOM of God in the earth. God help anyone who might speak against you! Please come back to GA! I bought almost everything on the table so I am continuing to be blessed and empowered by the revelation the LORD has givin you.

Connie N

Praise God, you have a great, awesome testimony, and I want the same thing Katie has. I have been introduced to her through the series of Supernatural with Sid Roth. I have ordered books and cd’s and cannot wait to get started. I want to be healed of soul wounds, so many I realize that this is in the way of my getting healed and receiving my healing. I would like to ask you to pray for me. Three months ago, the Lord delivered me from fear about leaving the place of employment that I had been at for 11 years. I am a 63 year old hair stylist, and I have another job, but I am not being blessed there, at least not yet. I pray that God would open the door to prosperity, as I am alone now, divorced, and taking care of a 37 year old developmentally disabled daughter w/ ADD. she works, but is in danger of losing her job for 15 years because there are kings that are blocking her healing, of wounds to her soul, molested by her stepfather, and rejected by her father. She is easily led astray, and does not make good decisions for herself, and is always getting hurt over relationships that will never work. She goes from one to another, etc. Please pray, as I wait for the material I have ordered from Katie to read and digest. I dream and the Lord does show me things but I can never remember it all, and feel that I am losing a great vision or visions. Thanks so much for reading, and hope we can meet someday. I am asking God to provide someone or in my life that I can partner with so we can work together for God’s great plan for our lives.

Carol H

February 4, 2011 at 8:44 pm

I was at Katie’s conference last month at A Call To Salvation Church in Jefferson, GA. During praise and worship on Friday I felt a cool breeze flow over me. I’ve had problems with reflux for over 40 years and had an appointment with the doctor on the following Monday to set up some tests because it had gotten so bad. I realized that I had not had any pain during the conference, and I have not had any since the conference. Praise God! I got healed just being in His presence at the conference.


February 2, 2011 at 8:08 pm

I watched you today on Sid Roth and I went online to hear the content of what God has given you to share with the body of Christ for healing and deliverance. As I listened multiple times, I knew in my spirit revelation was occurring. I ordered the CD’s, took notes and will review the scripture reference you gave during the broadcast, I looked up your ministry and I’m elated to read what God is doing through you. I was prompted to sow into your ministry as well, good soil is vital also. I struggled with fear , but I know the enemy is defeated and can’t wait to see God’s goodness and glory be manifested. I’m going to pray for some family members and friends using the information I obtained today. I know this is just the beginning of some powerful miracles. Think about coming to Dallas, TX? Blessings to you /ministry and to God be ALL of the glory. AMEN.

Catherine W. H.

February 2, 2011 at 3:27 pm

I watched your program on Sid Roth 2/1/11 and 2/2/11- I believe this is meant for me -the testimonies are encouraging and so much excitement God has for his people, and I wait with expectation the miracles, signs and wonders that The Lord Jesus has in store for me and others that we may experience Christ and His abundant love, mercy, grace, being set free and delivered from soul wounds, and powers and master spirits in our lives and become closer to Christ, and be servants to one another- I will order the CD’s – Healing School – I live in Virginia – what state will you be attending so that I may prepare for a Glorious Time in the presence of his glory light and you and staff of Expected End Ministries. I know my family, neighbors and friends will never be the same. Thanks Katie



January 23, 2011 at 9:12 pm

I wanted to say THANK YOU for coming to Georgia. I just got home today from the conference yesterday. I first heard of your teachings last summer and began listening, etc. When I heard you were going to be in Georgia, a friend and I signed up. What a FABULOUS weekend! It was so great seeing Katie in person and getting to worship with a roomful of expectant people! (Thanks Bernadette, too!)

I wanted to write and let you know of a financial miracle that has ALREADY occurred! On Friday night, I went forward to give an offering. I only had two $20 bills in my wallet and gave one and kept one so I could eat the next day, etc. I prayed over it, spoke into the glory that it would be multiplied, etc.

That evening my husband called and told me that he was given an unexpected bonus and that we could expect $10,000 to be deposited into our checking account. I was very excited, etc. but then the next day, Katie shared about the 1:11 that she kept seeing, etc. and Deuteronomy 1:11 regarding the thousand fold blessing.

I put in another offering (I found a blank check in my wallet) and prayed over it and spoke into the glory and included the $20 from the night before when I decreed. Well, I arrived home today (Sunday) and my husband gave me the letter with his incentive bonus amount. It was a thousand fold blessing on the $20.00!!!

The amount he had verbally given me was his estimate minus taxes. We are actually getting around $12, 500 cash AFTER taxes but the pre-tax amount was 1000x the amount I gave on Friday night!!! (I’m still EXPECTING the thousand fold on the Saturday night offering.) :)

The neatest thing is that my friend and I both told each other what we wanted to see happen and hers was with rental homes selling. I will ask her to post her testimony but it involves BOTH rental homes selling TODAY and there’s no way these things just “coincidentally” happened to us this weekend! Praise the Lord!!! Thank you, Jesus! I sent this testimony to “A Call To Salvation” also, but wanted y’all to be blessed by it!

P.S. My birthday is November 21st (Katie’s release date) and I will think of Katie when I celebrate! :)


January 12, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Praise GOD! Thank you Katie for being such a faithful servant and sharing with all of us how to release God’s glorious light onto EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! I purchased your Ultimate CD package and they are so powerful. I have seen such growth in my walk with the Lord. I have soaked others in God’s glory and WOW!! Awesome results! Healing, breaking of pride and harden hearts have been some of GOD’s work in my life and those I love. An example: My son who is a teenager had really harden his heart toward me, closed up and didn’t want to have anything to do with our family, even to the point of suicidal thoughts. We had a HUGE fight. I dropped him off at school and immediately released God’s glory light onto him for about 1/2 hour as I drove to work. I went on with my day and didn’t give it a second thought. After school around 5pm I picked up my son and his friend. He was not only light in spirit, he was loving to me. A complete transformation. He apologized infront of his friend and even gave me a warm hug. WOW, breakthrough! Later he shared with me his unpure thoughts and he confirmed he felt lighter and a shift in his spirit around the time I finished releasing God’s glorious light onto him. Please keep in mind, teenage boys do not hug or apologize to their parents infront of friends. This was huge for us. Another resent breakthrough: A friend who has gout called me last night, I released God’s light and this morning his pain is down 90% after only one day of the gout. He has had gout at least 5 times in his lifetime and never had results like this before. Praise GOD!! He is AWESOME in all His ways! Thank you, thank you my sister in Christ.

Margaret B

December 9, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Since I last wrote my testimony God has really been blessing me. This month I have received 3 different unexpected deposits. What a blessing it is when I obey God. Giving to your ministry and others is so much joy. God has really opened the blessing from heaven. Hallelujah and praise to God almighty.

Tiger H

December 3, 2010 at 4:44 pm

So where to begin… We just were at the conference in Shippensburg this weekend, and I didn’t realize it, but during Saturday night, I had a voicemail regarding one of my brothers. He is serving in Afghanistan right now, and he had been in critical care. Apparently he was having respiratory troubles, and a temp of 104deg, for a few days, and it would not break. They had him under doctors care, but could not figure out what was causing it.
Long story short, I spent time praying and all the way home late Saturday night, but the next day there was still no change. So last night I ascended, and asked Christ to show me what to do for my brothers healing and salvation. He showed me a serpent, spiders, and green micro-organisms inside his chest. I asked God to cover my brother in His Grace, while we focused the Healing Glory Light of King Jesus in His chest and throat. Then I cursed the aforementioned critters to die, in the name of Jesus. Then as Jesus was pouring his light into my brother, I broke off all the demonic kings.

There are plenty more details to this experience that I can share……but long story short……I requested a “Life Certificate” with my brothers name on it, a copy of his name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and Glory, and Jesus granted that request. Today I found out from my family that he is indeed recovering!! They said he was said to have contracted a rare strain of Malaria, but now it is under control. Now we just need to hear that he has accepted Jesus as Lord.

Sally L

December 3, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Want to thank you, Katie, for sending an inmate friend of mine the Captivity book…he is just thrilled with it and is doing the journal…the Holy Spirit has been really using it mightily in his life. It’s such a blessing to hear him speak about it with such enthusiasm! God bless you abundantly for reaching out to those in prison! I think you’ll like this comment he made…he said “one thing I can sure say about her is that she does everything “ALL OUT” – that has to bless you knowing that what you’re doing now is for Jesus and His Kingdom–you’re “out there” and God is PLEASED! Thank you again and I speak continued revelation and provision to you in Jesus’ Name.

Bob B

December 3, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Hi Katie, Just wanted to let you know that a group of us have been listening to your healing school CD’s and God is moving mightily in the lives of the participants. We have been worshiping, praying and ministering to each other. We are meeting for the last session Monday, September 20th at 6 pm and all I can say is people are getting free and healed in their souls. The Glory of God has fallen in each meeting and tonight the rain fell on the whole group as the Glory manifested.

Monday we are wrapping up with the Glory Light and I am so excited.

Thanks for sharing your revelations.

Pastor Samuel

November 29, 2010 at 11:54 pm

God bless you dearly for the great ministry which you are doing for Him. Am much blessed and encouraged to see how God is using you in this end time. May God bless you and expand your territories.
Dearest Katie, through your ministry and testimonies, I am just humble and feeling in my Spirit to plan for your leadership conference so that you can come and empower God’s people, thank you and God bless for accepting His calling and choosing to invest in His kingdm.

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