Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application Fill In (Word Document)

Volunteer Application Print out (PDF Document)

Thank you for your interest in serving with us. Above are two different types of documents. The first is a Word Document, which is interactive. Simply open it, fill in all the blanks with your information and email it back to us at volunteers@katiesouza.com as an attachment.

The second is a PDF Document. Simply print it out, fill in the blanks and return it to us in the following ways:

  • You can scan and email it to us at volunteers@katiesouza.com or
  • Fax it to 520-568-9962 Attention: Volunteer Coordinator or
  • Mail it to KSM & EEM, Attn: Volunteer Coordinator, PO Box 1289, Maricopa, AZ, 85138.


Further instructions are included in both documents.

Please feel free to contact us, and again, thank you from all of us here at Katie Souza Ministries and the Prison Outreach of Expected End Ministries.

Questions? Contact: volunteers@katiesouza.com

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We truly value your decision to unite with us in prayer and financial support. Partnering with Expected End Ministries enables us to reach out to those incarcerated (Hebrews 13:3), equipping us with the necessary means to instruct and guide them in the ways of the Lord (3 John 1:8). Your partnership enables us to extend a hand of fellowship to their needs (Psalm 69:33), and provides all with a testimony that proclaims to the world "The Lord sets the prisoners free!" (Psalm 146:7) Your Partnership does make the difference in the lives of so many.

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