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Prayer Requests

Send in your prayer request and let us pray for you.

Our prayer team has been personally chosen by Katie with the Holy Spirit's guidance!  Our powerful prayer warriors will contend with you and stand in agreement for God's perfect will in your life. 

You can  email them at prayer@katiesouza.com or call our Prayer Request Line anytime at 520-568-9952.  Simply leave a message.  Our prayer team listens to each one of these precious requests, then takes them to the Throne Room of God on your behalf.  Expect your miracle!  Some have even testified that within only hours, their prayer request was answered! 

We encourage you to watch the FREE teaching videos that after you leave your message.  Believe that God loves you with an everlasting love!  Soak your soul in the Glory Light of Jesus and feel the presence of His Holy Spirit surround you! 

You are not alone!  We care about you and your needs.  

Be blessed and encouraged!

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  • Ascending Into the Supernatural

    In this exciting teaching, you will see biblical proof that you can ascend into the realm of Glory. The Bible says we are seated in heavenly realms with Christ. The word "seated" is past tense which means you are already there! Go to -E-Store

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