Can You Give Me More Details about the Daniel Fast?


Step 1: Be Specific
Daniel was not vague in his objection to the Babylonian diet. He defined the problem immediately.

  1. The king’s food was against dietary laws.
  2. Daniel and his friends had vowed against wine.
  3. The king’s food had been offered up to idols/demons.

Step 2: Fast as a Spiritual Commitment
The Daniel Fast involves a spiritual commitment to God. “Daniel proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself” (Daniel 1:8).

Step 3: Reflect Inner Desire by Outer Discipline
Many people have an inner desire for better health, but they can’t discipline themselves to avoid junk food, and other foods that are not good for their health. The physical health you seek from God may be more than an answer to prayer. Your physical health can be linked to any of the following factors:

  1. Your food choices.
  2. The level of your spiritual commitment as reflected in constant prayer during the fast.
  3. Your time commitment. If you determine to fast for a certain time, keep it. For example, if you determine to fast 10 days, don’t stop on Day 9.
  4. Your testimony commitment. Your fast is a statement of faith to God that you want Him to heal your body, and faith is foundational to the Daniel Fast.

Step 4: Pray to Perceive Sin’s Role in Poor Health
Notice James 5:13-16:

  • Sin is something related to the cause of sickness.
  • Lack of health/healing may be the result of spiritual rebellion.
  • Lack of health/healing may be due to sin of wrong intake, i.e. drugs, pornography.
  • Repentance is linked to health according to James.
  • Elders have a role in healing both spiritual and physical health.
  • Sick people must desire to be well
  • The anointing oil could mean
    1. Medicine for healing,
    2. Symbolic of the Holy Spirit, or
    3. It could be baptism
  • Prayer alone may not gain healing, faith is the major factor.
  • In Greek there are several words for “sick”. James uses “Kanino”, which not only includes disease, but also means weak or weary.
  • Attitude is important. James said, “are there any among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.”

Step 5: Fast as a Statement of Faith to Others
Daniel was making a statement of faith when he asked for only vegetables to eat and water to drink, then dared the overseer to compare the appearance of the four sons of Israel with the young men who ate the king’s food.

Step 6: Learn the Effects of the Food You Eat
Why are some foods good for us and other foods are not? What does certain food do to your body? If we really knew, there would likely be some things we would never eat again.

Step 7: Yield All Results to God
Daniel said, “as you see fit, deal with your servants” (Dan. 1:13).


Daniel 1:12
“Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink.”

Daniel 10:3 KJV
“I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.”

When going on a Daniel fast, or any type of fast, if you have questions outside of what Scripture says, prayerfully seek the Lord and be led by the Spirit for the specifics for your personal fast.

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What Is The 40-Day Fast?

We believe in order to take dominion over the demonic kings, a 40-Day Fast should be completed. This is an individual fast. Some may abstain from food, some from TV or internet, some from sweets, some from coffee but all should chose to abstain from something “choice” – something that would be a sacrifice to give up for a 40-days.   Please seek the Lord on your fast and ask Him how to go about it. Each fast is different, based on what the Lord would like to accomplish in you.


What Is The Jesus Fast?

The Jesus fast (or feast) is simply this: a period of time in which you commit to focus solely on Jesus. This can be 40 days, 8 weeks, or 5 months. When you worship, listen to music that focuses on Jesus and His attributes. When you read the New Testament, concentrate on the Gospels, read about Jesus and who He is. In the Old Testament, read the prophecies that are about the coming of Christ. When you ascend, ask Questions about Jesus and His character. The Jesus fast is a period of time where you give up everything else to focus exclusively on Jesus. We recommend reading the Jesus Manifesto, which wholly focuses on His attributes and qualities. (It is sold through our E-Store for $15).


How Can I Pray For Katie And KSM/EEM?

We appreciate your willingness to lift up Katie and the ministry in prayer. If you are interested, we would like to add you to our Prayer Shield email blasts. Please fill out a volunteer application, so we can start the process.  Once approved, we will help get you equipped with Katie’s teachings, so that we are all praying in unity and of one mind. On our website (under the Contact tab), we have two different Volunteer Applications – one can be printed out, filled in, then mailed back to KSM/EEM; the other can be electronically filled in and emailed back to volunteers@katiesouza.com


How Can I Make A Difference In The Life Of a Prisoner?

For every book, The Captivity Series: The Key to Your Expected End that is purchased, we are able to send 10 FREE books into the prison. This book is the most requested book by prisoners and chaplains because it is a making a difference in their lives!! Some are finding salvation. Some are getting healed. Some are forgiving themselves. Some are making amends. Some are finding their Expected End – all because of this book and the teachings within that were inspired by Holy Spirit. Also, when you purchase Katie’s new book, Soul Decrees – we will send one to a current inmate who has read The Captivity Series.


Can I Visit Katie And/Or The KSM/EEM Offices?

As of right now, we are in temporary office space. We presently have no real place for guests to come and visit our ministry. Also, Katie is normally gone four days out of every week and during the time she is in Arizona she spends almost all of her time writing, studying, soaking, and resting with her family at home.    


Is there an order I should read and/or listen to the Teachings in?

1.    The Captivity Series – The Key To Your Expected End

2.       Hearing From God
3.       Awesome Power of Purpose
4.       The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul
5.       Interpreting Dreams and Vision For Your Soul
6.       Ascending Into The Supernatural
7.       Stay Un-Offendable
8.       Live Free-Escaping the Trap of Bitterness of Soul
9.       Made Perfect in Weakness
10.   Kingdom of the Son
11.   In The Midst
12.   Soul Crossing
13.   Soul Decrees
14.   Healing Clinics – 1,2, and 3
15.   Serpent and the Soul
16.   Partnering With The Angelic
17.   Clean Up Power Up
18.   Banking in the Glory
19.   The Healing School 


Can Katie Personally Pray/Minister to Me?

Unfortunately, Katie is unable to do personal ministry. KSM/EEM is an equipping ministry rather than a deliverance ministry.  However, KSM/EEM absolutely believes in deliverance – it is what we teach and instruct others to do through soul healing.  We provide resources and conferences in the areas of healing, deliverance, and supernatural revelation. We do not provide personal ministry, as that is not the call of this ministry.  


If you still desire personal ministry, we recommend finding the Healing Rooms in your area. There are numerous sites located throughout all of the 50 states and across the world. See www.healingrooms.com  to find a Healing Room near you.  


Can Katie Call/Email/Visit Me?

Katie has not been called to do personal ministry, as she has been called to teach and equip the Body of Christ as a whole, not on an individual basis. She is unable to return your phone call/email or visit with you personally. We suggest getting her teachings and applying the principals to your own life for deliverance and healing. 


What Happens When I Submit An Email/Mail Prayer Request?

The staff here at KSM/EEM is honored that you have asked us to pray for your needs. All of the prayer requests are read, even though some may not be personally answered. Your prayer request is important to us, and even more important to our Father God.  Your request is read by our faithful prayer warriors and taken to the Throne Room of God on your behalf.  In the power and name of Jesus, we pray that His Glory Light will beam directly into your soul, healing your wounds, restoring your joy, and giving you the answers you need to live the abundant life our Lord desires for you.

Can Someone Call Me About My Prayer Request And Pray With Me?

Due to the sheer volume of calls we receive on a daily basis, we do not return calls that are left on our prayer line. Our intercessors pray over each request within 24 hours. This allows our intercessors to pray for you according to their schedules and also allows them to pray in their own environment. Because of this, they are able to spend an extensive amount of time in prayer especially for you. We do this because we believe in partnering with you in prayer and we want to see you achieve breakthroughs in your life.

Why Didn’t I Get a Response From My Email/Letter?

We thank you for your email correspondence. Due to the volume of the emails, some may not be personally answered.   Please read through the FAQs where your question or issue may already be addressed. 


Where Will Katie Be Speaking This Year?

All of the conferences and events where Katie will be speaking are posted on our website. Please go to the ITINERARY tab and all of the conferences are listed. You can either click on the Name of the Event or the REGISTER button to get more details.


Can You Help Me Find A Hotel For An Event?

When Katie is a guest speaker at a hosting church, we are normally unfamiliar with that area. We ask that you either get in touch with the venue contact number or Google map the address, then look for lodging in that area.


How Do We Invite Katie To Minister in Our Area?

Please fill out the Invite Katie to Speak request form on our website. Go to www.katiesouza.com .  Click on the ITINERARY tab, click on Invite Katie to Speak.   You will see our list of considerations in booking Katie for an event. Please share these with your group or church, and be in prayer about hosting a Katie Souza event. When we have received your request, our team will prayerfully consider coming to your event.



Can I Prepare For One of Katie’s Events?

It would be our suggestion to get some of Katie’s Soul Series teachings. If you have them already, listen to them. This will start the healing and deliverance process now, so when you attend the live event, you may experience an acceleration of what the Lord has already started in your healing process.   If you do not have time to order before the event, please watch the FREE teaching videos on our website, XP Media and/or YouTube. 


Will I receive Tickets When I Register For A Conference/Event?

No, you will not receive tickets when you register for an event. Once your order is completed online, you will receive an email confirmation. If you mailed in your check, you can email events@katiesouza.comto verify that it was received. There will be a Registration Table once you get to the conference, they will have your name listed on a sheet. You will simply check-in upon entering. If you paid for more than one person, the number of registrations you bought will be next to your name on the registration sheet. 


Can I Get A Refund For Registration For An Event?

We understand you might not have been able to attend an event. Unfortunately, refunds are usually not given because the monies received for registration has already been given to the hosting church and are no longer in KSM/EEM’s possession. However, if the event has not happened, exceptions may be made. Please email events@katiesouza.com explaining the circumstances.


How Can I Donate To KSM/EEM?

Are you a Partner? Please go to www.katiesouza.com.com. Click on PARTNERS tab at top of page. If you an existing partner, there is a link in the middle of the page “Are You an Existing Partner?” It will direct you to another page where you will type in your email address associated with your partnership. Fill in the needed information then submit.


Do you want to become a Partner? See above instructions to take you to our Partners Page. At the bottom of the page, you will find Donation Information. Fill out the needed data and Submit Partnership. If you have any questions, please email keypartners@katiesouza.com


You don’t want to Partner but only want to donate? Please go to our website. Click on the GIVING tab at top of page. This will take you to our Make a Donation page. Fill in the needed information, then Submit Donation. 


Will I Receive A Statement For My Donations?

Yes, a giving receipt is mailed after each donation, except for partnership automatic monthly donations (AMP).  A year-end statement of all tax deductible donation(s) will be mailed by January 31st of every year following your donation(s) to KSM/EEM.


Can I Become A Monthly Partner Without Becoming an AMP?

Yes, when you become an KSM/EEM Monthly Partner, you will have the choice of whether you would prefer to manually manage your donations or set up AMP (Automatic Monthly Partnership). For Manual management – you can make your monthly donations by either mailing in a check or going online and submitting your monthly donation via credit card on the day you prefer. 


How can I Order Product?

If you would like to place an order, you can do that online at www.katiesouza.com  or you can call our office at 520.568.7600 ext 224.


Once you have called the ministry to verify the availability and amount of the product and shipping you can send your check or money order to our mailing address: 

Expected End Ministries ~ PO Box 1289 ~ Maricopa, AZ 85139 (Product will not be shipped until the payment is received – be sure to reference the product needed, the price, plus the shipping amount along with your payment.

Can I Get A Replacement For A “Bad” or Scratched CD/DVD?

Yes, if you ordered from KSM/EEM, please email resources@katiesouza.com   Normally, our resource department will send out a replacement immediately. 


If you ordered, from Sid Roth, please call 912.265.2500 x6 and they will send the replacement.  Please make certain you are using a CD player for CDs; and a DVD player for the DVDs. 



Can I Buy Product At A Discount?

KSM/EEM offers discount prices when ordering in larger quantities: 


Please contact our Resource Department if you are interested in these discounts at resources@katiesouza.com


Can I Get Katie’s Teachings On MP3s?

Yes, we do have all of Katie's teachings on our website as mp3's. Go to the E-Store. Click on Teaching MP3 in the left column. Click on either the teaching image or name of teaching. You can then choose whether you would want individual tracks or the entire album to download. To purchase, you will need to Log in to the E-Store. If you do not have an account, you will need to register for the first time. 


How Do I Fix MP3 Issues?

Please email resources@katiesouza.com  Provide your order number, if you have it, your name, date of purchase and what issue you are having. Please remember to provide your contact information, so our Media Department can respond promptly. 


REMEMBER to only download one item at a time. Let the one finish before beginning on another, this might solve your issue.


Can I Get Some FREE Teachings?

Katie and the team have produced a television program, with in depth teachings, prayer and activations for no cost to you. You can view these by going to www.katiesouza.com and clicking on “Watch”. Start at episode 1, and review all of them. There are also numerous FREE teachings on our website under our MEDIA tab. You can choose between Miracles and/or Teachings. You can also go on YouTube and type in Katie Souza, there are even more teachings to help you. In addition, go to www.xpmedia.com  and click on VIDEOS, then type in Katie Souza. Or you can go to Sid Roth www.sidroth.org and type Katie Souza in the search bar at the bottom of the page.    


We allow FREE teachings to be mailed out to those that request it. We must receive this request in writing and mailed to our Mailing Address: PO Box 1289, Maricopa, AZ 85139. We only allow three FREE in one calendar year. Emails will not suffice.


Can I Make A Copy of Katie’s Teachings?

We believe in sharing the Word of God and all that He has taught this ministry. With your purchase of any KSM/EEM product, we allow up to five copies to be made and distributed for the sole purpose of sharing these teachings. We do not allow any unauthorized copies to be sold by anyone except for contracted vendors. Questions regarding this process please contact us at resources@katiesouza.com


How Can I Become An KSM/EEM Volunteer?

We accept volunteer applications for those willing to serve this ministry. Once approved, volunteer positions are open in our administrative offices and also for our local conferences. We offer Katie’s teachings for FREE to ensure our volunteers will have a firm understanding of KSM/EEM’s theology and beliefs. On our website (under the Contact tab), we have two different Volunteer Applications – one can be printed out, filled in, then mailed back to KSM/EEM; the other can be electronically filled in and emailed back to volunteers@katiesouza.com



When Can I Expect Improvement After Listening To Katie’s Teachings?

Continue to listen to them until they are deep within your soul. The Soul Series collection is highly recommended so we suggest getting all of them. Some issues you have had may instantly change and improve. Do not be discouraged if some things take longer because they did not happen overnight. All the sin, negative behavior, and pain is rooted in the soul and is a direct consequence of all the wounds that have been placed there. Remember that out of the abundance of the heart (the soul), a man thinks and speaks and acts. It will not be until one begins to work on getting their soul healed, that a person can expect to see any real and lasting change. We suggest concentrating on your own healing first.


How Does The Glory Fall?

The best way to get the Glory to fall is by worshiping because “God inhabits the praises of His people" Psalm 22:3. Take your mind off of the events and problems and put your focus on Jesus. We would suggest that you get some music that is completely Christ focused and put aside some time (day or night) to get alone to worship. We suggest that you do the "Jesus Fast"; fast everything but Jesus for 40 days. Read the Gospels and/or all the prophecies about Christ. We also suggest you get The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul and Dreams and Visions for Your Soul. The more soul healing you have, the more glory you will experience and the more you will be able to take dominion over every evil thing that is trying to destroy your family.


What Is The Glory Light?

Oftentimes there are “soul wounds” that open the door for the enemy to keep us from walking in this full life. Every problem we have – whether relational, financial, or physical all go back to the wounds of our souls. However, these unhealed emotions CAN be healed by the Glory Light of Jesus. By faith and focus, you can believe that His Light b

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