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Born in 1963, Katie Souza grew up a tomboy, hunting and fishing with her mother on a rural ranch in Wisconsin. At age ten her family moved to the Hawaiian Islands. Katie's problems began when she started experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Her use of drugs escalated when, at age 17, she went to work in the entertainment industry as a disc jockey in Honolulu, Hawaii.

At age twenty, Katie left Hawaii to go to California. She landed a job in radio then quickly advanced into television. For three years she worked as a broadcast engineer at a CBS affiliate in Bakersfield, doing modeling and television commercials on the side. At this point her drug use was daily.

In 1986, Katie moved to Los Angeles. She was hired as a model for a Home Shopping Network show. During this time she also acted in a few movies, hosted a television pilot, modeled for print work and did some theater. Unfortunately, with her success came more drugs. She was now addicted to methamphetamine's and they began to take their toll.

Engrossed in the Hollywood drug scene, Katie dropped out of television and started a rock band. For a couple of years she wrote music and sang lead vocals for the band. Although she was already dealing drugs prior to this time, she was now a full time supplier to her fellow musicians in Hollywood.

By 1991, Katie had become a career criminal. She fled Los Angeles and continued her crime spree in Phoenix, Arizona. After the police arrested her there, she fled again but this time to Boise, Idaho where she encountered God. Unfortunately, she didn't stay long enough for the truth to take hold. From Boise she traveled to New Mexico. There she landed a couple of jobs in radio and also at a local television station but because she couldn't stay away from the drugs, she soon dropped out again.

Tired of buying and selling dope, Katie started to manufacture speed herself. She also began collecting drug debts for other dealers. Her life consisted of drugs, clandestine laboratories, stolen vehicles, high-speed chases, gun shootouts, and many arrests. By the time she was arrested in February of 1999 she was at the end of her rope.

Charged by the federal government with manufacturing, conspiracy and gun possession, Katie was sentenced to twelve and a half years in federal prison. She also had numerous state charges on which she was facing an additional nine years. Fortunately, the pressures of her circumstances finally drove her home into the arms of God. Immediately upon her arrest the Holy Spirit gave Katie a hunger for the Word. She spent hours in her cell reading through the Bible over and over. Within a short time, Katie started a Bible study within her facility.

In December of 2000, Katie was transferred to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California. There, along with four other women, Katie formed a Christian fellowship in the prison. Then in 2001, a miracle happened. Six months before her Federal appeal was heard in court, the Lord told Katie exactly what her new release date would be. When her appeal was approved in July of 2002, seven years were taken off her sentence and the release date the Lord gave her came to pass!

While still in prison, Katie began writing "The Captivity Series: The Key to your Expected End." After her release in 2003, she continued to work on the project for three more years. In 2004, she married Robert Souza who served seventeen years in prison. Within two years, the Lord blessed them with a new home, a very successful business and a promising prison ministry.

In February 2006, Katie completed her book. Currently, "The Captivity Series"" is being read or taught in facilities across the United States and the world. Katie's desire is for all of God's captive people to take hold of their created purpose during their incarceration so they too can receive the wonderful inheritance God has for them.

In late 2006 the Lord released a healing anointing on Expected End Ministries. People with afflictions such as infectious diseases, chronic body pain and ocular eye diseases have been healed. The promises God gave to Katie throughout her captivity are now coming to pass because of her obedience, determination and faith in the God she serves. Katie is now living a life which was once only a dream.

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